Agent Program

Voslot agent program is simple, transparent and fair

Voslot is here to take you on a journey. A journey that will show you how to earn genuine income from your free time. With the Voslot agent program, you can reap benefits from the amazing games on its platform and share this experience with other people who will have an opportunity of experiencing their lives through our platform.

What are the benefits of becoming a Voslot agent?

Best agent commissions

40%~ 50% weekly commissioin, 20₱ bonus for each valid player.

Excellent agent support

voslot's agency managers are always online to help solve all your problems.

Trustworthy and fair

voslot takes its members and agents very seriously and offers the best services.

How does voslot's agent program work?

Voslot agent program offers both professional opportunities and good affiliate commissions. Your job is to attract customers to the platform and help them enjoy their experience. Thus, you get a share of the money spent by your users on bets, games, sports betting and lottery games. The amount of commission depends on several factors such as the number of voslot users you attract or how much they spend on bets within certain time periods, and the commission rate will be increased in accordance with the month’s target net profit.

The net profit will be the total profit after deducting the costs (members’ promotion and rebate). As a result, make certain that your members are not only registered but also actively participating in order to maximize profits.

Become an agent of the voslot program

l   Step 1: Make a Member account specifically for the transfer of Agent
commissions. Agents must transfer their commission into their member account,
from which they will be able to withdraw it immediately.

l   Step 2: Once a member’s account has been created, contact agent support and provide your agent and member username. Agent support will assist you in disabling the valid wager requirement, allowing you to withdraw the commission transferred from your agent account immediately.

Terms and conditions

Online slots are simple games, but sometimes you need a few helpful tips to get the best gaming experience possible. Voslot is here to help you, we’ve compiled together some useful online slots strategy tips to remember when playing slot machines.

1. To prevent arbitrage and fraudulent members, the risk management department of VOSLOT will strictly verify information of each agent, such as real name, email, mobile number. . . etc. If VOSLOT finds any fraud or arbitrage, VOSLOT will ban the associated agent without prior notice.

2. The agent needs to understand its responsibility, and actively promote our website to its members to increase the profit of both sides.

3. The agent needs to be aware of the relevant laws of the Philippines, utilize legal methods to expand its business, and be responsible for all marketing costs.

4. Without the permission of VOSLOT, the agent cannot disclose or distribute relevant information, including web pages, website logos, reports, game pages, and images. In addition, the agent needs to protect the rights and reputation of VOSLOT. If not, VOSLOT reserves the right to immediately stop the cooperation.

5. For the agent who has registered for more than three months, VOSLOT requires the agent to bring at least five members and one member with a deposit. If the number of members cannot meet the request, VOSLOT has the right to stop the cooperation and close the agent account.

6. VOSLOT will not take any responsibility for any negative influence on VOSLOT’s reputation from the agent.