How to win and bet in the basic baccarat strategy.

In order to catch baccarat, the winning method (betting system) must be learned according to the situation. However, even if you master the winning method, that is not enough. Discuss the key to baccarat capture from the perspectives of probability, waves and the law of large numbers.

Calculate the probability of winning required to capture baccarat.

What is the probability of a tie for each player and dealer? Currently, live baccarat mainly uses 8 decks of cards (1 deck is 13 x 4, 52 cards), but just in case, the deduction rate of 6 decks and 1 deck is also summarized. We calculated the probability of a tie between the dealer and the player.

Probability of winning the dealer ・ ・ ・ About 45.86%
Probability of winning player・・・About 44.62%
Probability of a tie ・ ・ ・ About 9.52%

From this point of view, the dealer’s winning rate is even higher, about 1.24%. As the number of trials increases, even a 1% difference can make a big difference.

Understand the bookmaker advantages of Baccarat.

The casino is operated on the edge of the house, but the fewer edges of the house, the easier it is for players to win, and the more edges of the house, the harder it is to win. With a comprehensive high casino advantage, it is almost impossible to continuously win through these gambling. Now, let’s calculate the casino advantage of baccarat step by step.

The expected value is the expected amount that the amount you bet will return. In the case of baccarat, “expected value = stake x win rate”.

Banker advantage when betting players → about 1.24%
Banker advantage when betting on a tie → approximately 14.3%
There are many tables with 9x odds for a draw, and this is a place where people who are aiming for a one-shot reversal or a big win want to place a bet. However, if you continue to bet on a tie for a long time, you will continue to lose more than 15% of your principal, so if you want to win in Baccarat, please don’t bet.

Viewing the Basic Strategy of Baccarat from the Perspective of Probability.

When shuffling the cards, it seems that patterns and lowcards (cards with low scores) are biased, but they are not cheating at all. Therefore, when participating in live baccarat, you must carefully check the grid lines and cards that appear, and try to catch the wave.

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