8 tips to win the Dragon Tiger in the online casino.

Dragon Tiger is considered a combination game of baccarat and casino wars. Each square of the dragon and tiger will be divided into 2 cards, so for most people, the game becomes very simple. The game was developed in Cambodia and is now very famous in Asia, especially in the online casino market.

1. Only bet on dragons and tigers.

This means that you only bet on the Dragon and Tiger places. The winning rate of these 2 places is 50-50. These 2 places will bring you bonuses. If you insist on betting on a tie to get a high bonus, you will face great risks.

2. Don’t bet on the tie.

A tie usually has high odds: 1 win and 8 losses. However, it also comes with a lot of risks, and the bookmaker advantage is as high as 32.77%. This is why very few players win when betting on a tie. There are a total of 86,320 different card combinations, of which only 6,488 are capable of drawing prizes. Therefore, you will lose the remaining 79,872 times. According to statistics, there were only 1456 draws.

3. The number of cards that match Dragon Tiger.

This game does not use many cards, so players can calculate the cards dealt, especially a pair of 7s, because if there are 7 cards, then you lose.

4. Look at the picture and guess the result.

If you are an observant, agile and observant person, you will easily see the rules of the dealer to win. Therefore, when playing Dragon Tiger, you should look at the dealer’s way of dealing cards to predict the outcome of consecutive games.

5. Limit the combination of betting strategies.

Many players believe that combining different betting methods in the Dragon Tiger game is an easier strategy to win. However, this method has never been tested by any player, so it is best not to think too much and plan to apply this betting strategy.

6. Observe the dealer’s licensing card.

When you first start playing the Dragon Tiger game, please don’t rush to bet without analyzing and designing a specific strategy. What the player needs to do is take time to observe the dealer’s deal and find out the rules.

It is recommended that you record the result of each game so that you can make an accurate betting decision in the next game. Once you figure out the rules of the game and your own way of playing, just place a bet. One thing for sure is that your winning rate will be higher than if you had no information at all.

7. Learn to observe and guess the results.

Usually, Longhu results will be returned continuously. This means that it is sometimes the result of a continuous dragon and sometimes a continuous tiger. Players need to observe, in order to capture the order of the results, find out the consecutive rules and time, in order to make a reasonable bet. Once the player finds the beginning of the sequence, you will win big prizes in many consecutive games!

8. Choose a reputable dealer to play.

Most Dragon Tiger players spend their free time for entertainment. Therefore, choose the most prestigious house edge for yourself to trust, and your leisure time will become the most complete. Usually, the edge of a reputable casino will provide players with enough information about the rules or how to pay and how to deposit. All information is transparent and clear. Please remember that you have to choose these things before you can participate in the Dragon Tiger game.

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