Dragon Tiger’s three winning strategies.

Don’t leave your destiny to chance! Apply these useful strategies to the next game in the Dragon Tiger online casino to take your game to the next level. Before you enter the Dragon Tiger casino challenge, please make sure you have fully mastered the basic rules of the game, including how to deal and how to place bets.

Dragon Tiger has many game strategies, you can use them to increase your chances of winning. When you master the game through the following strategies, you have a chance to become the next best player:

1. Martingale strategy.

In order to make up for the previous losses in the game, players use a martingale strategy, and their bets double after each round. In addition, you must continue to bet on the same side in each round because your chances of winning will increase. When you enter the third round, your chances of losing that round are only 15.50%. If you change sides in any round, the Martingale strategy will not work.

2. Chromatography strategy.

Dragon Tiger is a game of luck, but this does not mean that you cannot apply some strategies to increase your chances of winning. All you have to do is keep track of the suits that have been played and find out which suits are still in the deck. If you notice that the diamond suit is the least dealt card, then the next diamond bet is a wise move. When you play the Dragon Tiger online casino, remember to count the number of suits dealt, not the number of suits in the deck.

3. Point card strategy.

Since Dragon Tiger Live Casino uses very few cards, players can easily calculate the cards dealt. To master the card counting strategy, you need to develop concentration and observation skills. Although it may seem difficult to count the cards while playing, as you continue to practice, you will quickly master it. Using this strategy, you can track the number of large cards that have been dealt and the number of 7 cards that have been played. If most of the 7 cards have been dealt out, your chances of winning are higher. To execute this strategy accurately, it is best to start small bets from the initial bet. Since you double your bet every round, it is easier for you to reach the established betting limit.

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