How to bet on Dragon Tiger in an online casino?

Dragon Tiger is one of the games you can enjoy in online casinos. Although the rules are a bit like baccarat, it is actually easier than baccarat. As the name of “Dragon Tiger” implies, it is a system of betting chips on “Dragon” or “Tiger”, and you can get dividends based on the result. Each table has a set betting amount, and the upper and lower limits are different. It is a process to choose a table with the amount you can bet on and sit down.

How to bet on the game in Live Dragon Tiger?

Place any amount you like within the upper and lower limits of each table, and then choose “Dragon” or “Tiger” to win. Generally speaking, betting is made by predicting who will win, but there are also rules for predicting different outcomes, such as predicting the size of the number. Therefore, it is basic to play the game in accordance with the rules at the time. If you hit it exactly, you will get 9 times the bet amount, otherwise you will get 2 times the bet amount. If “Dragon” and “Tiger” are the same, half of the bet amount will be refunded. On the other hand, if the prediction is incorrect, you will lose all bets and end.

The above is the betting method and general process of Dragon Tiger. The game itself is simple and easy to use, suitable for beginners to participate. The method of betting is also very clear, so it is important to accurately determine the amount that can be bet, and be careful not to lose too much even if you lose.

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