Dragon Tiger

Voslot live-action dragon tiger, popular online casino game in Asia, voslot online casino game.

Voslot dragon tiger
Voslot offers many online casino games that Asians like. You can enjoy the same feeling and excitement as Dragon Tiger in the comfort of your home. The live-action dragon and tiger game originated from the Chinese card game and is deeply loved by Asian players. This is also a fast-paced Dragon Tiger game. If you are impatient when placing bets on the game, you can try this real Dragon Tiger. In voslot, you can bet on real Dragon Tiger from multiple game camps, and Dragon Tiger has no complicated gameplay. It can be said that it is a streamlined version of Baccarat.
How to Play

Dragon and Tiger Rules

Playing online Dragon Tiger in the live casino of voslot is a very simple gameplay. You only need to choose to bet “Dragon”, “Tiger”, “Tie” and so on.
  • The calculation method of points; King represents the highest value, and Ace represents the lowest value. The other value will be the number shown on the card. For example, King is equal to 13, Queen is equal to 12, Jack is equal to 11, and Ace is equal to 1.
  • This game uses eight standard 52-card decks. After the players place a bet, the dealer sends each player a face-up card, and the highest card wins. If the two values are the same, the match is a tie. If you win Dragon or Tiger, you will get a 1:1 return. If you choose to tie and win, the payout ratio is 11:1. If you lose, your bet will be forfeited, and if there is a tie, and you support Dragon or Tiger, you will get half of your bet.

Dragon and Tiger Voslot

Tie bet is the worst choice

The worst choice when playing live-action Dragon Tiger is a draw. Although this choice can earn you a lot of rewards, the odds for a draw are as high as 8:1. Out of all possible 86,320 hand combinations, only 6,488 hands result in a tie, so there are actually 79,872 situations where you may lose. The flush bet is even worse: only 1,456 outcomes can be a flush.

Play Dragon Tiger game in voslot

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