FA CHAI DOZER is an easily-playing coin pusher with a Chinese background. You can win the prize once you play the coin pusher. It is Easy, Fun and Happy! Join the VOSLOT and start to play games in Fa Chai right now! The bigger number you have pushed down, the higher chance you can win the big prize.

Players will receive the rewards only to push the items down to the scoring zone. On the top of the game screen, some lovely pigs are running around, bringing a bit of fun to the exciting game. Players play in the FA CHAI DOZER just like they are playing the Coin Pusher in the casino.

When the charge bar is full, it will trigger the axel to spin. In Full of Fortune, the shaft will randomly point at the Piggy icon, and the highest win rate will be up to 120 times. In God of Wealth Gold Catcher, the prize is up to 720 times. As for the Golden Pig Gift, the prize is up to 1000 times high. Players have to carefully focus on the Golden Pig Gift because you will receive a great amount of fortune!


Sscore=Bet Placed x Odds Shown

Players have to seize the opportunities: once those items appear on your gaming screen, you need to try hard to push these items into the scoring zone. These items include a coin, a red envelope, a purple envelope, a firecracker, a dragon jade and a crystal ball. All of the items can bring you a big fortune, and the range of the multiplier will be 1, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 times.

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