Game review of jili Dragon Treasure.

Tired of old-fashioned color matching games? Welcome to Dragon Treasure. Dragon Treasure is a modern version of a special slot game. These dragon treasures are all under your control! No skills are required, the Golden Dragon God guards this treasure house. The dragon soul in the game can smash the crystal ball in front of you. Every time you smash it, your prize will multiply! Dragon Treasure has a wealth of game special effects, which is completely different from other games. The operation is simple but the gameplay is fascinating. Passing levels and multi-round rewards are waiting for you to receive!

Dragon Treasure game symbol.

Jade Dragon Soul

The dragon spirit effect in the shape of a jade dragon can crush gems. And enter a special bonus period, enjoy more times of crushing gems, you will be crushed 6 times in total, you can crush all the dragon balls. And collect energy to use in the game to play the game for free, the bonus is increased by up to 20 times!

Fireball Dragon Soul

Dragon soul effect in the shape of a fireball. Lead players into a special bonus period, when the fireball effect is greater, its heat will help bet to destroy the game symbols. Where the fireball will attack, you will receive a random bonus of x2, x5 and x10 times the principal.

Thunder Dragon Soul

Lightning-shaped dragon soul effect. Take the player into a special bonus period to hunt for treasure. When the lightning effect occurs, the attack will destroy all dragon soul balls in the game. If 2 spheres are destroyed, there is a chance to destroy them all. If the sphere is destroyed when the lightning effect appears, there is a chance that the lightning effect will continue.

Golden shield

The dragon soul effect in the shape of a golden shield can raise all orbs by 1 level. If the lightning and fireball symbols appear, there is a chance to change it. Golden Dragon’s treasure immediately.

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