Candy Baby

Candies bring people colorful and joyful feelings. The more chocolate balls you collect in the game, the better. When you collect 10 chocolate balls, the lucky reel will be triggered. The reel has 3 featured games that help you win bigger prizes all at once. The game was created by Jili and you can find it in VOSLOT. Join VOSLOT and enter the game now to receive the welcome bonus.

Candy Baby slot game format

It’s been a popular slot game for a long time. The board is upgraded by collecting candies and each candy brings a different score. The board has expandable 5 reels and 5 rows. Collect chocolate balls to activate free spins, jackpots, or bonus games. The free spins mode offers ten free spins with more odds. The game has 3 levels. Each level has a different amount of candy and the difficulty in each also changes as the level increases.

Candy Baby game symbols

The game symbols are changed together with the levels. The main symbols are circle, triangle, diamond, heart, and star. When the lucky wheel stops at FREE GAME, it will activate 10 free games with a payout ratio of X2~X5. When the wheel stops at BONUS GAME, the colors of all candies on the reels are randomly changed to the same color. Also, they all become WILD to increase the elimination rate. Randomly trigger 2 to 5 transformation chances each time.

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