CrazySeven is a classic 777 slot game from Jili. you can see how it is scored directly on your screen and the payout for each symbol. The classic slot game is simple and with a high payout rate. It can lead you to the road of rich with a single payline in 3 reels. Therefore, this CrazySeven slot game has been the most popular classic slot game since its launch.

CrazySeven slot game format

The CrazySeven slot game is a classic 3-reel game, and the purpose is to spin the reels to form a winning payline. There is only one payline, giving players a clear idea of ​​how to win fast in the game. What’s special about this game is that there is a special extra reel on the right, and once the extra reel connects with the front reel, you can win the prize. Additional prizes will be awarded by special symbols obtained.

CrazySeven game symbols

The main symbol of the 777 slot game is the number 7. There are 3 types of symbols containing the number 7 which are single 7, double 7, and triple 7. The BAR symbol is also the main symbol in the game and it comes in two types- single BAR and double BAR.

In the extra reel, the 2x, 5x, 10x symbols are the additional symbols. When these symbols are obtained, they will allow us to win more rewards. The total rewards will be the rewards won in the regular reels multiplied by respectively 2, 5, and 10 when obtaining these extra symbols. There are also S+ and SS+ symbols as additional symbols in the extra reel. They will help players win additional prizes, up to 1x and 2x of the bet.

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