Hot Chilli JILI Slot Game Review

Hot Chilli is a Mexican game released by Jili. In the passionate country of Mexico, people are pretty much into the food with spicy, sweet and sour flavors. Believe it or not, you will definitely fall in love with Mexico by playing and enjoying the game through VOSLOT. You can find the enthusiastic and lively background music plus a great amount of the award in Hot Chilli. No matter which devices you are using such as IOS, Android or computer, you can all play in VOSLOT for a free trial game.

Hot Chilli is a slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines, which increase the winning chances for players. As long as three Scatter symbols show, you may enter the mode of free spin. Collecting hot chilli in the game not only brings you lively music and interesting Mexican symbols, but also brings you more and more prizes. In VOSLOT, you may experience exotic and multi-reel slot games, which are quite special and interesting.

Hot Chilli symbols

Wild Symbol

In Hot Chilli, the Wild symbol is a lovely Mexican man. Players may have more chances to win the payline and awards because the Wild symbol can form the payline with other winning symbols. And the awards include Mega Win, Super Win and Super Mega Win.

Scatter Symbol

Rainbow Pony, the mascot in Mexico, is the Scatter symbol in Hot Chilli. Players have to finish collecting the Scatter symbol in the given time period. When this special symbol shows in the third reel, players can enter the free spins for 12 rounds.

Special Symbol

There are 11 winning symbols in Hot Chilli, excluding the Scatter and Wild symbols. The colorful Mexican guitar is the highest payout symbol and offers 5, 50, 300 and 1500 times the odds.

  • The burning hot chilli is just like the passion in Mexico, and it is the second- highest symbol in the game. Try to collect 9 hot chilli to unlock the third new gaming board and fix the fifth reel for all Wild symbols.
  • Try to collect 14 hot chilli to unlock the fourth new gaming board and fix the fourth reel for all Wild symbols.
  • Try to collect 30 hot chilli to unlock the fourth new gaming board and fix the third reel for all Wild symbols. Plus, you can gain 3 additional free spins.

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