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Voslot Promotion

Welcome to the list of best online casino bonuses! In Voslot you use real money to place bets in the game, and then you can withdraw the actual winnings. We ensure that you can safely receive an attractive welcome offer when registering at These are some of the latest offers that you as a new Voslot customer should check, and if you haven’t joined yet, you should read our promotion plan.

Voslot special upgrade rewards.

Voslot VIP rewards have the most attractive loyalty rewards. All players can enjoy the Voslot online casino loyalty reward system. This is different from the rewards of other online casinos. You can get different bonuses and gifts. Voslot online casino is now ready Lots of sweepstakes are waiting for you to join Voslot.

How to receive Voslot promotion rewards

  • Voslot Rewards Club is open to all registered members.
  • To receive promotion rewards, the effective turnover is calculated from the 1st of each month to the end of the month. If the turnover cannot be reached, the application will be carried forward to the list of upgrade requirements for the next month.
  • Members cannot skip levels and are only allowed to upgrade once a month. After the upgrade is successful, the new Voslot Rewards Club level is valid until December 31 of the following year. Members must complete the annual recertification requirements within the next calendar year to maintain their status. If the member fails to complete, the member will be downgraded to 1 level.

For example:

  • Player A reached a turnover of 20,000,000 in June 2000, meeting the requirements for promotion to Platinum VIP.
  • Player A will be promoted to Platinum VIP in the first 5 days of July 2000, valid until December 31, 2001.
  • Player A wants to retain the Platinum VIP in the 2002 calendar year and needs to reach at least 188,888,888 effective turnover in the 2001 calendar year.
  • Voslot Rewards Club membership levels and benefits cannot be traded, transferred or sold in any form
  • The effective turnover of the whole platform will be included in the turnover calculation of Voslot Rewards Club, rebates and birthday bonuses.

Play Voslot to get game rewards.

Play online casino games such as online slot machines, live casinos and shooting fish in Voslot. After registering in Voslot, use your real money to bet the game, receive the best rebate rewards, give players the best support, and extend the game The number of times.

Voslot Rewards ClubCLASSICSILVERGOLDPLATINUMDIAMONDValid Turnover Requirement

Daily Turnover



application process:

  • No application is required. Daily turnover rebates will be automatically issued according to Voslot Rewards Club level.
  • The rules for receiving Voslot rebate. This reward applies to all registered members. As long as you register for Voslot, you are eligible to participate in this reward.
  • Calculate the effective turnover of all games. The minimum rebate amount is ₱1, and the effective turnover requirement for all games before withdrawal is allowed is 1 time.

Recommend friends, Voslot sends unlimited rewards.

Recommend your friends to play Voslot together, apply for membership, and get 10% reward immediately. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you can receive.

Recommendation Committee:

application process:

  • After logging in to your user account, select “Referral Program” from the casino’s homepage. If you use a mobile phone, please select “Account” -> “Referral Program”. Click “Apply”, and you will receive your referral ID, referral link and QR code. After that, you can use it to promote and recommend other players to Voslot, and these players will become your direct players.
  • The referral commission will be issued at 06:00 every day, unless otherwise notified, and will be calculated based on the total effective trading volume of each offline level from 00:00 to 23:59 the previous day. Referral commission is not subject to any turnover requirements.

    Please refer to the above table for the above referral commission payment.

    Referral commission calculation for offline:

    N level (N-1 level recommended players) total effective turnover = T

    N-level referral commission = (T * 0.5%) * 10%

  • Each player can only have one account. Members may need to show proof of identity before applying for any promotions or bonuses. Players who open multiple or fraudulent accounts, accounts with the same IP address, and the same family or family members will not be eligible to participate in promotional activities, and may be confiscated and account frozen.

For example:

Recommended players total effective trading volume = ₱100,000

Recommended players total deposit amount = ₱5,000

Referral bonus for recommended players = ₱88

Referrer’s referral bonus = ₱88

Each person’s turnover requirement = ₱88 * 1 = ₱88

Collect birthday gifts at Voslot.

By choosing from the list of available deposit methods, players can deposit quickly, safely and easily. Welcome to On your special day, we bring you warmth and fill your empty heart, allowing you to play all casino games in the voslot online casino safely, reliably and quickly! Your player account is fully protected by a 128-bit SSL certificate to provide an extra layer of security. No one on the Internet can access any personal information you submit.

Voslot Rewards ClubCLASSICSILVERGOLDPLATINUMDIAMONDValid Turnover Requirement
Birthday BonusNil₱288₱588₱888₱1,8881X

The process of applying for birthday gifts:

  • Please contact Voslot’s 24/7 customer service representative to apply for a birthday bonus easily. Just log in to and click to claim the reward on your birthday, and the system will verify your identity. The bonus will be credited to your account within 12 hours.
  • The member account must have at least 3 months of transaction records. The birthday gift will be issued according to the member’s status and meet the requirement of 1 times the effective turnover before the withdrawal is allowed.

For example:

Birthday bonus = ₱1,888

Effective turnover requirement = ₱1,888 * 1 = ₱1,888

Voslot top security certificate.

If you are not familiar with Voslot’s online casinos, you might think that it is difficult to find an online website to play games because there are many websites that will take your money and bombard your email with spam. Voslot has been engaged in the online casino business for many years. Their specialty is to provide all players with a place to relax and enjoy entertainment. Use to learn about online casinos where you will make wise choices about where to bet, how much to bet, and what odds to offer. Now, you can safely bet on all game items in the Voslot online casino, without the possibility of cheating