Dog Bless You Playstar Slot Game Review

The brand new slot game Dog Bless You Slot is released by Playstar. Come and shake hands with the dog named Buddy.  For the players who want to play slot games themed with Asia but not so complicated, Dog Bless You Slot is a great choice for them. There are retro patterns, Chinese topics and big prizes in the slot; moreover, dogs are the symbol of richness in Eastern countries, thus you will find it in VOSLOT.

Dog Bless You slot game format

Dog Bless You is an online slot with 9 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows. Also, it provides bonus games and free spins. RTP of Dog Bless You is 94.10%, and the Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol will show in each spin.

Dog Bless You symbols

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol in Dog Bless You is the Chinese word for “Dogs Bring richness”. Once you get this symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4, you will receive 6, 10 or 25 rounds of free spins. Also, the multipliers of the prize can be up to 1000 times.

Scatter Symbol

Please pay attention to the dog claw in Dog Bless You. If it shows up three times, your screen will be covered with bags full of money; moreover, you will win up to 30 rounds of free spins.

Basic Symbols

Besides the wild symbol and the scatter symbol, there are 9 basic symbols in Dog Bless You. The game is suitable for those who like dogs because the dogs in the game are always wearing smiles on their faces. And the dog’s claw has the highest payout rate and the second highest payout symbol is the dog with golden fur.

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