3 Minutes Introduction to Video Games: Slot Games

The origin of the slot machine

Slot machine is a machine for gambling with change. It is named after the chips with tiger pattern on it. The voslot slot machine has three glass frames, each with different patterns. Run, if there are specific graphics (such as three of the same), the money will be spit out, the more the same graphics appear, the higher the bonus.

1895 – Invented the first commercial slot machine by Charlie Fey (Jzplay Com), which is made of cast iron with three inner reels, a coin slot, and an outer handle that turns the machine. The slot machine soon became the main commodity in bars, casinos, and even many retail stores. Due to the gold-digging boom in San Francisco, many people have a dream of seeking gold, so they are very interested in this magical machine that can make people rich overnight. Soon, machines became common, and with the advancement of technology, they have already evolved into various models.

What is the charm of slot machines?

The charm of slot machines is that they can win big from small, and there are often unexpected harvests. The investment is small and the return is large. Just put in coins and pull it. If you are lucky, you can earn tens of thousands of dollars. Of course , There are also high stakes slot machines (High Limit Slots) and online slot machines (Megabucks), allowing players to have a greater chance of winning.

When playing a slot machine, just put the chips (or game tokens) into the coin slot, then pull the handle or click the “spin” button to spin the reel, the player can put any number of chips into the coin slot, However, the default setting is to use only one chip per round, and players can click the “raise” button to increase the bet by one chip.

A maximum of three chips can be used in each round. Players can click the “Max Bet” button to place a bet of three chips at a time. If the player wants to get back the chips that have been put into the machine but not used, please click the “Return” button on the machine. money” button.

The most exciting thing about slot machines is, of course, the Jackpot. Not every slot machine game has a jackpot. Generally, if you play the English version of the casino game, if you see “progressive slot”, it means there is a jackpot. Jackpots, and another point to remember is that if you want to hit the jackpot, you have to bet three chips at a time.

Difference between slot machine and pachinko

In the Philippines, slot machines and pachinko pachinko machines are often referred to as pachinko pachinkosao. Because there are often fruit patterns on the machine, some people call it a fruit machine. In addition, the translation of the word Slot means a coin slot and a long and narrow groove. Many articles on the Internet that are translated directly in English also use the word “slot” to refer to it.

The slot machine has only been around for more than a hundred years, but it has become the most popular casino game. With the rise of digital electronics, the slot machine has also evolved from original designs such as iron-cast fuselage, mechanical reels and joysticks. , evolved into an electronic game machine that uses an electronic screen with a random data generator (RNG) to run, and the online slot machine is a variation of the electronic version. The film slot machine, the latter especially pays attention to the exquisite picture and gorgeous special effects, and presents the 3D stereoscopic perception with computer animation, also known as the 3D slot machine.

Many credit the invention of the slot machine to Charles Fey, the German-American mechanic who built a gambling machine called The Liberty Bell in the late 19th century Machines, until now, the design and gameplay of all slot machines are also based on the Liberty Bell.

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