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Slot machines are one of the most popular games in casinos today. Although slot machines are the newest casino game, slot machines still attract a large number of players due to their simple rules, many variations and the possibility of winning big. Voslot Slots are also considered the most suitable game for those who are new to casino games.

Bonus: Some combination created by the player based on pre-installed in the machine, or following the rules of the game (different casinos will have different ways of playing). The rewards for each game are also not fixed, for example some games will be rewarded with free rounds, bonuses or special features.

Candle: The light bulb on top of the machine. This indicator will light up when there is a problem with the machine such as a malfunction, big win, withdrawal, etc. If the player sees a flashing light icon, they should press the “Service” or “Help” button on the computer to call staff. Note: Never leave your seat (it is possible that your money will be dispossessed or withdrawn while you are away).

Coin hopper: This is a “coin hopper” when the customer withdraws money from the machine. When the player presses the “cash out” button, this section “pushes” coins into the lower tray. Instead of coin withdrawals, slot machines will now display a barcode and a note of the amount when the “cash out” button is pressed to be exchanged for cash at the counter.

Credit meter: When you put money into a slot machine, this amount will display a virtual number on the machine. The place where this amount is displayed is called the Credit meter. Usually, it’s a frame that shows the amount on the game (slot machine or video slot machine).

Free Spins: Free Spins are extra rounds for the player. When they get free rounds, players don’t need to spend money on those rounds. In order to win this prize, players must come up with a certain number of pictures (usually pictures with the word Scatter or Wild), where the number of pictures ranges from 3 or more. Sometimes, other rounds can be activated during the free round. So, if you’re lucky, you can have the machine “reward” many free rounds.

Hand pay: When you press the “cash out” button of the slot machine, a check with the code and amount will pop up. The player picks up the check and returns to the counter to exchange money. If you don’t want to withdraw money immediately but keep playing, the player puts the check back in another machine and continues playing (when the player puts the check in the machine, the amount on the check will be displayed on the Credit meter (virtual currency counter) middle). Sometimes Hand pay also refers to a major prize (such as a minor, major or mega) worth more than the machine pays. At this point, the player must call the administrator and make a note.

Hopper fill slip (check for added amount): This is a slip of paper with a history of coin additions (when the machine runs out of money to pay the customer). The above will record how much, how many times and when employees put money into the machine.

Low Level / Slant Top (Sitting Machine) và Stand Up or Upright (Standing Machine): The first type is a machine with a chair for the player to sit on. The second one must be played standing up.

MEAL book (Machine entry authorization log): This is a document on the machine that records employee login operations to slot machine games.

Multiplier: The winning factor and amount. For example, if you win VND 1 million and the x5, x10, x20 multiplier features are activated, you will receive VND 5 million, 10 million and 20 million respectively.

Optimal play: % of the amount refunded to the player. When players employ the best betting strategy to avoid huge losses, there is usually a small refund (which can be seen as a commission).

Payline: This is a picture of a winning example (usually displayed on the sides of the game frame). The base machine usually has 9 different types of Paylines. Now, video slot games often feature hundreds of different paylines. They also come in many shapes (for example, horizontal, vertical, oblique, triangular, zig-zag, etc.). Players only need to come up with a picture like Payline to win.

Rollup: A Rollup is the process by which a player wins a specific Payline. For example, a prize of 1 million will range from 1 to 1 million with funny pictures and sounds.

Short pay: This is the process where the slot machine pays the player but there is not enough money in the machine. The missing amount will be put into the “coin hopper” by hand pay or machine operator staff.

Scatter Symbol: Scatter symbols must have at least 2 (with other random shapes) to complete the payline in slot games. If there are more than 2 pictures, the reward value will be higher. Maybe the scatter symbol activates some type of bonus (eg free round or bonus x2 bonus). On some consoles, the “Scatter” symbol and the “Wild” symbol can be the same.

Taste (Rebate): This refers to a small amount of money paid by the slot machine to the player (to keep the player playing on the machine). For example, players will get a rebate of 10,000 VND for every 100,000 VND played.

Tilt (Machine Failure): Gaming machines (mechanics) for lever-type slot machines usually have a tilt switch. When a machine malfunctions, it usually makes a long or continuous noise. Paddle-style slot machines are no longer popular, but when something is loose (eg, screen doors, gears, cashless paper, etc.), the machine makes a sound. The overhauler calls it Tilt.

Weight count: This is an important word for the number of coins withdrawn from a slot machine. Afterwards, the dealer’s coin counting team will count all of these coins. The term “hard count” refers to the count of coins in a bank or casino. If the coins are large, they will use a programmable scale to count the notes. However, the term is only common in casinos (such as the United States) that use coins in a circulating currency system for rewards.

Wild Symbol: In the deck of cards, the Joker card will correspond to this Wild symbol. This is a symbol that can substitute for any symbol in a slot game, a Wild symbol can substitute for any type, and the more Wild symbols, the more likely the player is to win.

Slot game terms are so numerous that they can be difficult for players to remember in the first few rounds of the game. However, staff at Corona Casino Phu Quoc are always on call 24/7 and are always there to answer all of the player’s questions when they need help.

In addition to slot machines, Corona Casino includes many other attractive games, as well as modern facilities with a lounge bar, restaurant, outdoor swimming pool and many unique ancillary use works. During this stay, players will have an unforgettable and interesting experience.

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