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One of my favorite things about playing slot machines is the plethora of bonus features they offer. I’ve been playing some of Microgaming’s first digital slot machines since they released them back in the day, and I can tell you they’ve come a long way since then.

Pick round

Sweepstakes rounds are mini-games in slot machines that offer instant cash payouts, more free spins, access to other slot machine bonus features, and more. The basic premise of these rounds is the same: you see various objects on the screen, and you must select one or more for the prize to be revealed. The exciting part is that you never know what’s behind any particular object. Some picking rounds do tell you what you missed at the end, but not all rounds do. One slot with great picking rounds is the Temple of the Gods. You pick from the many shields on the screen and smash them with Thor’s hammer to reveal a cash reward. If you are really lucky, you will win the jackpot.

Cascading Reels

Casino This is one of the most exciting slot machine features. It is sometimes called “avalanche scroll”, but more often it is called “cascading scroll”. The basic idea behind this slot machine feature is simple: when you win, the symbol that created it disappears and new symbols take their place. They can either fall from above like in Gonzo’s Quest slot, or float from below like in IGT’s Star Lanterns. As you may have discovered, this can yield huge clusters of wins from a single spin. I have personally won six times in a row on a single spin thanks to these slot machine features. Some slot machines add more excitement to the game by incorporating multipliers into the gameplay. Going back to Gonzo’s Quest slot, I can tell you that there is a multiplier that jumps from 1x to 2x to 3x to 5x. During the free spins round, this dynamic multiplier is even bigger. It can award up to 15x wins in the fourth cascade. More and more voslot slot machines are adding the Cascading Slots feature. This is hugely popular among players, and game developers know it!

Bonus round

I bet you’ve seen at least one bonus wheel based TV show. As a child I used to watch the Wheel of Fortune religiously. That’s the kind of game I’m talking about here, except it’s built into an online slot machine. The bonus wheel works as you would expect. You get one or more spins and collect cash prizes, win multipliers or access other bonus features in the game. Some slot machines have a bonus wheel feature for jackpots. Games like Mega Moolah by Microgaming and Mega Fortune by NetEnt have a bonus wheel with multiple jackpots up for grabs. Many slot machines have a bonus wheel feature, but I would start by recommending one of the two slot machines mentioned earlier. Both offer top jackpots worth a million or more.


Jackpots are one of the most exciting features of modern slot machines. These are super jackpots that give you the chance to win huge, life-changing prizes. The way jackpots work is that a small percentage of every bet placed on this slot machine contributes to the jackpot pool. Every player who spins the reels at each casino where the game is offered pays into the pot. Eventually, someone wins the jackpot and goes back to square one. Some jackpots are smaller, meaning some jackpots, while others are $1 million. Example: Mega Moolah is a jackpot slot with a minimum $1 million. After someone wins, the jackpot will reset to a minimum of $1 million. You can win the jackpot in different ways. In some games, you will enter a jackpot round, such as bonus roulette or picking games. On other slot machines, you will win the progressive jackpot at random. Every game is different. There are a lot of great jackpot slots out there, but if I could only recommend one, I’d go for Mega Fortune by NetEnt. Besides the jackpots, it has a fascinating theme and several exciting features. You can win the jackpot in the bonus wheel feature with multiple layers. It will get your adrenaline pumping every time you enter the feature!

Slot Game Features

There is no slot machine player that does not enjoy a little risk. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t play slot machines, right? But everyone’s risk appetite is slightly different. Our Connections Are Different Gamble features are mini-games in slot machines that entice you to double your winnings. Many features also give you the chance to quadruple your wins. Usually, you try to double up by playing red or black. If you guess the color of the card facing down on the screen, you win. In some games, you can try to guess the suit for a 1 in 4 chance of quadrupling your winnings. Sometimes you can play this game multiple times for a series of double wins. However, a wrong guess can undo all of this and delete your original win. If you’ve already won this feature once or twice, it’s best to stop. Lady Luck has a way of punishing those who try her too often. Most of Casino Technology’s slot machines have a gambling feature. I especially like the Duck of Luck slot machine. It has a gorgeous Asian-inspired theme, as well as a free spins feature!

Casino Slots

I’ve given you tons of suggestions for slot machines with the aforementioned slot machine bonus features. I recommend giving it a try at one of our top rated casinos, but if you don’t have the funds then I recommend asking yourself these questions to help choose the right game. What is the minimum/maximum cost per spin? Can I afford it? How much is the jackpot worth? Would another game with a seemingly smaller jackpot pay out more because of the multiplier? What is the volatility of this slot machine? If this is a powerful high-volatility game, do I have enough money to survive a long dry spell? What is the RTP of this slot machine? If it has a jackpot, will the RTP be lowered as a result? A slot machine game with fewer features but a larger jackpot, or a game with a smaller jackpot but a lot of features better? These questions will help you choose the right slot machine. If you stick with the games I mentioned above, great bonus features and slot bonus rounds are guaranteed. I hope you enjoy them and experience a big win or two!

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