Mythology-themed slot games for special gaming fun!

In the almost endless global mythological tradition there are many rich and colorful stories about gods and heroes, and every culture and civilization has its own mythology based on extravagant stories of heroes, gods and treasures. Heroes often appear as protagonists, with names such as Hercules, Thor, and Merlin. The gods are often the guardians of power and are favored by the heroes for their wisdom and magical powers.
There are also a number of slot games related to mythology, which are also symbols of bringing luck in the eyes of players, some themes being more popular than others. Egyptian, Aztec, Greek and Scandinavian gods dominate, as well as the story of King Arthur. There are many other stories to engage with. One of the advantages of adopting a non-traditional slot theme is that you can often enjoy unique special features. For example, the Thunder Zeus slot machine from Amaya will take you on an interactive quest to Olympus to win big prizes and awards with Hercules.

Regardless of its origins, mythology continues to captivate and entertain all Filipino players, and those who are drawn to ancient myths, legends, stories and fables may also wish they could go back in time and experience some of these ancient mythologies. While this may be the case with some slots, the online gambling industry is also filled with fantasy-themed slots inspired by mythical creatures, ancient gods and spirits, and more.

Ancient Greek and Roman Gods

Greek and Roman mythology never goes out of style, and the exciting Olympus gods give you the chance to use the reels to score some big wins against a soothing blue backdrop. Who hasn’t heard of the mighty Zeus, who reigns as king of the gods from his throne on Mount Olympus? The story of gods, goddesses, heroes and heroines is timeless, and there are many online slot games based on this theme and often reflected in online slot games.
The reels are set against a soothing blue background. Temples, weapons, helmets and ancient artifacts all appear on the reels and if you can match these symbols you have a chance to win some great virtual victories.

Scandinavian Mythology

Virtual slots based on Scandinavian mythology have proliferated, and Valhalla’s Viking Wheel is one of them. Featuring special bonus features such as a triggered longship, lumberjack and coin wheel for more fun and some free spins, this cartoon-style Viking-themed spin features fish, sheep, mandatory helmets, shields and swords that will get your heart racing as you anticipate winning!

Lost City of Atlantis

You’ve all heard the legends of the Lost City of Atlantis, and now you can start looking for the lost treasures in those long-forgotten ruins. Can you hear the deep sea blue calling you? A wide variety of online slots based on Atlantis are available for players to enjoy, with graphics beautifully depicting the blue ocean of Neptune’s domain and his divine protection of the golden dolphins swimming in the ruins of the lost city and the sea creatures that reward you with bonuses.

King Arthur and the Knights of Avalon

The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table has fascinated people for centuries. All of these slots are inspired by the myth of King Arthur and his divine sword Excalibur. must complete each level to advance to the next, King Arthur has given you the destiny of his kingdom and you must protect it from any enemies he may invade. Everyone knows King Arthur, who ruled the land with the help of the magician Merlin and the beautiful Guinevere. Play Excalibur slot machine to unleash the power of this mythical sword. In the struggle for control of the kingdom, Arthur and Merlin must join forces with Guinevere to fight against the threats posed by Uther and Morgana.

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