Slot games, casino game skills v.s. online game skills

Slots are simple to play, and are the least threshold game for most people when they are new to casino games. Therefore, many people think that playing slot machines does not require any strategy. If you play slots with this mindset in mind, you’ll probably never really win anything. Although it depends on luck to make the pattern on the screen turn to the same real 80%, there are still some tricks that you must know if you want to master voslot slot machines. According to the different nature of the machine, it can be divided into two types: casino-style play and online play:

Casino Play Tips:
If you want to beat the casino slot machines, you can try the following three tips:

  1. Standard deviation gameplay
    Playing slot machines using the standard deviation method requires a lot of patience. First you need to find a machine that pays out proportionally (eg bet 5 bucks, you get 50 coins), and play until you win, and then play until you win a second time. Then count how many times you have played in the middle. After playing about a dozen times, you can calculate how many times you can win money after playing!
  2. Play machines with high returns
    A slot machine’s rate of return is usually indicated on the machine. The higher the rate of return, the better it is for you, as you have a very high probability of winning.
  3. Wait for the machine that has never won the prize
    If you find out in the casino that a player has been playing the same machine without winning, and then wait for him to give up and leave, please occupy the machine immediately. Because in terms of odds and statistics, you should be not far from winning!

Online play tips:
Slot machines on the Internet are still different from slot machines in casinos. Here are 4 tips for playing online slots:

  1. Take advantage of free opportunities
    Many online casinos offer free-to-play opportunities or bonuses to attract more players, so take advantage of these opportunities, and with luck, you may be able to win big without spending money.
  2. Set the principal
    Setting the stake is very important, and it is something that is more difficult to achieve in general casinos. Don’t spend more than the money you set, and once you hit this limit, just quit!
  3. Play a machine with a smaller jackpot number
    Generally, the machine with a smaller jackpot amount will have a higher winning rate, and there may be a greater chance of winning money.
  4. Do not play video game slot machines
    Although the electronic machine looks impressive, it has a certain pitfall, that is, the rate of return is about 5% lower than that of the average traditional machine. The more shiny things are the more dangerous, please keep this in mind.

From the above, you should now know some tricks for playing slot machines. What you should do next is to keep practicing and analyzing, and maybe you can find a set of gameplay about yourself later!

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