Use the slot machine return rate to make sure you don’t lose money in slot machine games!

The return rate of slot machine prizes is a set of highly reliable data. You can usually learn to master the theory of the return rate of slot machine prizes. You can almost make a steady profit in slot machine games. Basically, you can judge a voslot slot machine and how to evaluate it. That is to say, how many hands are played, to see if the slot machine will score, if there is a certain probability of scoring, then continue to play how many hands to enter, and make a reasonable judgment according to the situation of scoring. Today, let us introduce the slot machine return rate algorithm for you. We will explain it theoretically for you, and then judge whether this method is really stable or not based on our actual measurement. Let’s get started right away!

Slot Machine Rebate Return Rate Algorithm Theory

First of all, I must explain to you that the algorithm theory to be introduced today is the current standard for casino equipment. You can decide whether to apply this theory. There may be many places where this standard does not apply. If you find this standard When it doesn’t work, the algorithm doesn’t work. Please read this article to know how to work around it.

Slot machine payout procedure

The slot machine scoring procedure will be achieved from the expected procedure of each round, that is, when the slot machine player has been betting with the lowest nonlinear odds, then the slot machine reward return rate will reach the minimum return rate, we can first Set the value around 75%.

Here is an example for you:

Suppose there is a slot machine, and its return rate is set at 80%, then when the first person bets to play the first round, the slot machine has taken 1000 points and released 700 points, that is, the whole game only reached 70%. The return rate, and then it is the second slot machine player’s turn to come in and play the second round, eat 1000 points and release 900 points, then the return theory at this time is 80%, which means that as long as the first player loses , then the next person to play next will also lose. But suppose that the first player only achieves a 50% return rate, and after the second player plays the second argument, the score must be placed at 1100 points, so that the second player who plays slot machines will win. You must know that the slot machine program is not set like this. If the first person takes 1000 points and puts 500 points, the return rate is only 50%. When it is the second person’s turn, the program at this time is more likely to eat 2000 points. Score and put 1900 points. In this way, the slot machine has a total of 3,000 points and 2,400 points in the two games. The return rate reaches 80%. Even if you continue to play, you will still lose, even the people behind you.

Slot Machine Return Rate Theory

You have to establish a concept first, only in the case of a low return rate in the first round, will there be a higher score in the second round, so when you try a slot machine, you must use 1 point to After 2 rounds, you can test the probability of a high return rate, but we will suggest that you only need to try to score 1 point when the return rate is high, so that the score will be higher.

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