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Deciding what is the best slot machine for real money can be tricky, with so many choices available. Start with deciding what’s important in a slots game for you. When you know what your goals are when you play slots, it’s easier to find the right machines. In this post, you’re going to learn six different ways you can compare slot machines in land-based, online, and mobile casinos.

Number of Paylines

The most important thing to know about choosing the best slot machine for you is there are no wrong answers or ways of doing things. The trick is to figure out what you like and what you are willing to do. For example, I like to play slot machines with a small number of pay lines, and many gamblers prefer to play slots that have 100’s of pay lines. Therefore, a slot machine with nine pay lines isn’t better than a machine with 243 lines, and a machine with 243 lines isn’t better than a machine with nine lines. I can’t possibly track all of the lines on a slots game with 100 or more pay lines. But all slots games tell you if you win or not after each spin, so many slots players don’t care if they can track all of the lines. So if you feel you have a better chance of winning with more pay lines, then you probably want to play on machines with a higher number of pay lines.

The Cost to play?

Over the years, slots games have evolved quite a bit. If you compare the gameplay of today’s modern slots with those of yesteryear, you’ll find that they have amazing sound effects, high-definition graphics and many cool features or bonuses. On the other side of the coin, these changes have also made many games more expensive than they were in years past. You have to be careful when comparing slots games based on how much they cost to play. Many gamblers are disappointed when they find a penny slot machine and find out they can’t play for a penny. The coin amount isn’t as important as how much you have to bet on each spin in total. So the simple way to compare how much it costs to play a slot machine is to determine how much each spin costs with every available pay line activated. I’ve seen penny slots games that cost $2.50 a spin to play and quarter machines that only cost a quarter to play. Another thing to consider is how much each machine pays back. If you can find the information, you can compare two or more machines based on the return to player percentage. But return to player percentage information isn’t widely available for all slot machines. You’re usually better off playing on a machine with a higher return percentage, even if the cost per spin is higher. The best machines have a low cost per spin and high return percentage.

Where the machine is available

My biggest annoyance when playing at a land-based casino is the noise. It often distracts me and it gets annoying after a while. While you can find similar slots games in local casinos and online, very few games are available in both places. So if you’re in love with a particular slots game, you have to play where it’s available. If you have a machine or two that you really like to play, compile a list of where the machine is available. For example, if you like an online slots game made by Microgaming, you can probably find it in any online or mobile casino with Microgaming games. If you like a game that’s only found in land-based casinos, keep a mental list of places where you know you can find it.

Is a bonus or comps available?

I generally have good success when I play slots. Many times the mobile casino or online casino will offer me free play or a small deposit bonus to try out their games. Like voslot. And if you’re playing slots in a local casino, you should always have your player’s card inserted in the machine so you can get comps. If a casino doesn’t have a comps program for slots play, I don’t play in that casino. The fact is that casinos make so much money from slots games that you deserve to get either comps or a bonus every time you play. Any casino that’s too tight not to offer one or the other should go out of business. Some bonuses are better than others, and some slots clubs are better than others. So the question might be, where can you get the most comps for your play, or where can you get the best bonus for your slots play? It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve played in a few online casinos that offer slot machine bonuses and a comps program. The comps program is usually a disguised bonus scheme of some sort, but it’s still better to get something extra than not to get anything.


Many people prefer to play single-line video slots, but I like multi-line games – usually 25 lines. I rarely play a slot machine that doesn’t have a good jackpot. I like to have a shot at winning at least $50,000 if I get lucky, and $100,000 or more is even better. Machines where you need all the lines to qualify for the highest jackpot are great, but I do play on some machines with progressive jackpots over $1,000,000 that only pay the big money on max bet spins. Most of those machines have a large bet per spin amount. The perfect slot machine for me is one I can play for $1 or less per spin and have a chance to win a six-figure jackpot. Like everything else in this post, your personal preference is more important than anything else when it comes to slots jackpots. Of course, I know you want to win as much as possible, but big jackpots are so hard to hit that most slots players go their entire life without hitting one. So you should play on the machines you like and look at the jackpot as a secondary concern when you play slot machines.

Who made the machine?

The majority of people who enjoy playing on slot machines care little about who made or designed their favorite games and the industry behind their creation. But there are some that find they like to only play those created by specific manufacturers or designers. Years ago, I started playing a lot of slots games in online casinos using Real Time Gaming software. I played at many different online casinos using RTG software, collecting bonuses at each casino. I liked their slot machines, even though most of them were basically the same game engine using different graphics. Now I don’t have a favorite manufacturer or designer, but if you find a few machines that you enjoy playing, take a look to see who made or designed the machine. Then you can look for other games by the same manufacturer or software developer to see if you enjoy their other games as well. If you like slots games that use 243 pay lines, you can find several of them made by the same company. Likewise, if you like a particular mechanic, like a story-based system, the odds are good that you can find similar machines made by the same company.

Picking Slot Machines

Choosing which slot machine to play is always the hardest part. With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you’re playing in a local casino or if you’ve joined an online casino, first determine what features are most important to you. If you have a small budget, you need to find games that don’t cost much to play, but you might want to play on machines with big jackpots if your budget isn’t an issue. You should always get a bonus or comps, but are you getting the best bonus or best comps available? Bonuses and comps are important because every dollar counts when you’re playing slot machines.

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