Maximize your profits on slots.

There seems to be a completely “irregular” definition, unaffected by past results. First, casinos prefer games that are not affected by anything and produce completely irregular (random) results. Slots are no exception.

Irregular results can also be produced in the program. Irregular and unpredictable multiple numbers, such as dice, are called “random numbers”. In the world of soft programming, there is a program that generates random numbers, which is called RNG (Random Number Generator). In casino slots, this RNG starts by generating random numbers. The random number generated here is one of approximately 4.3 billion numbers from 1 to 4,294,967,295. Basically, each reel generates a random number.

Divide each random number generated by each reel by one of 64, 128, 256, and 512. (The number used depends on the slot model)

Here, let us consider the case where the generated random number is divided by “128”. If you only focus on the “remainder” of the division result, 128 numbers from 0 to 127 are left.

For example, if the release generated by RNG is “42” with the remainder of 128, then the cherry will stop. There are as many as 22 patterns (including blanks) on a scroll, but because there are 3 cherries, it is easy to think that the probability of occurrence is 3/22 = 13.6%, but that is not the case.

Of the 128 numbers, 5 are assigned to cherries. In other words, 5/128 = 3.9%. How many of the 128 numbers correspond to such a pattern? It is called “weight” and all reels have different weights. For example, in a slot with 3 reels, the weight of the jackpot mode is allocated to the first reel and 2 each of the second reel. If only 1 is allocated to the third reel, it can be placed on the first reel Only use 1 reel and second reel. Increase your chances of winning. By changing the “weight” in this way, the probability that the pattern appears will change. As described above, by showing a large number of tentacles, it is possible to give players the desired effect. Expect to analyze the strategy based on these data results and make the slot machine strategy more possible. Obviously, if you don’t play slots, you have no chance of winning the jackpot.

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